Flexible & Powerful Video Workflow Toolbox

Automate your video file Ingest, Analysis and Distribution!

BPMN workflow modelling & processing

Use BPMN design tools to create your own workflows and deploy them to the JOBS task processing engine – and change them as you grow.

Integrate with production ecosystems

Combine any module with another to build the sophisticated workflows you need.

Easily scalable, with future-proof technology, JOBS integrates new applications and functionalities to meet new requirements.

Interfaces for 3rd-party systems

Avoid vendor-lock by decoupling from CMS and MAM infrastructures. Deploy JOBS on premise, to your preferred cloud platform or a hybrid environment.

Self-service management and configuration

Built-in, web-based management and monitoring tools enable faster implementation and operation.

File analysis and metadata-based decisions

JOBS tracks and analyzes and manages workflows with metadata-based rules.

“With JOBS you can easily manage entire video processing infrastructures and reduce costs. Cloud-based solutions can be combined with on-premise systems for automated functionality and redundancy. That’s innovative!”

— Frank Herrmann, netorium

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Key features

Deployment and Operation

  • Easy deployment with Docker technology
  • HTML5-compliant, web-based user interfaces
  • Built-in clip management and media analysis tools
  • BPMN workflow editor
  • Scalable and flexible to meet performance demands
  • Rule-based process control
  • XML import, export and transformation
  • Monitoring dashboard
  • Live Server Metrics
  • User Management with LDAP support
  • SNMP & E-mail notifications

Integration & Customization

  • Watch folders
  • RESTful API
  • Commandline, scripting & plugin SDK

Third-party Systems Interfaces

  • Hiscale FLICS
  • Harmonic WFS and ProMedia Carbon
  • Telestream Vantage & Vidchecker
  • Dalet Amberfin
  • IBM Aspera
  • Interra BATON

Media Analysis

  • MediaInfo
  • Harmonic (Omneon) Media API
  • MXFLib
  • MXF compliance validation

File Management

  • Read, rename, transfer, delete
  • File archive handling
  • MXF normalizer
  • SMB / FTP / S3 / NFS / EFS support

Features are subject to change.

How to buy

JOBS is available with flexible pricing models to fit your operation. Get in touch with us for detailed information or contact one of our resellers.

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